Kumbha rasi today horoscope

It is in the 2nd part of the year you will see things moving very favorable for you on all friends. The period between January and March needs attention on your health and complete devotion to domestic matters in children. By April, Rahu will be firmly placed in your house of gains and Mars give you success and impetus in career matters till may, enemies and competition to will be destroyed, windfall gains come through in August to October in a very gainful period for you in all friends, transfers possible in October.

Awards, awards, recognition are possible in May, September and November. Renovations and buying property and comfort vehicles are indicated and October to December you will experience inner peace and security.

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Love affairs look bright bright in April and November, but many affairs terminate to due to Saturn-Ketu conjunction in the 5th house , especially in May and December. Financial matters will demand a close attention, infact, there will be tremendous strain requiring innovative and urgent planning. It may take you a while to adjust to your surroundings. This is particularly probable if you are prone to laziness, inertia and loyalty to your principle and habits.

Before making a decision, be sure to account for every possible turn of events. The beginning of the year should put the focus on family. Career in business issues look a bit shaky till April, but from May to July, everything moves upward rapidly. July, October and November a good for financial Gains and recognition. November, December might see an addition in the family or spending and acquisition on material possessions, vehicles, property. Dramatic changes likely in ones career, often through some destruction due to problems with the colleagues for seniors at the workplace avoid rash decisions, guard your reputation.

Increased communication come again through writing and gain to writers is indicated. Relationships with siblings improves and you may also receive financial benefits.

Detailed Life Reading

Favourable months for love relationships are February, November and December, troubles in affairs are seen in May and June. Travels are seen in June and August. For property land, vehicles — April, June and October are favourable. The latter half of the week will be quite challenging, expenditures will mount, Avoid arguments as they may easily escalate and lead to litigation too.

Attend to existing court matters closely, any neglect will prove costly. There will be some concern related to siblings. Luckily turn of events can give way to frustrating mistakes and vise versa. Get your eyes checked up. A smooth paced year brings in many opportunities and beautiful relationships in your life which give you a lot of peace and happiness. Achievements, travels and accumulation of money go hand in hand. Best months for career growth are from June to September, recognition in November is possible. Romantic relationships to prosper in February, April and August. The change of Mars later this week brings crowning glory to your achievements.

It shall be a fast paced week, you shall be busy with many pre-planned programmes which shall be well-received. Friends and old associations shall prove quite an asset now.

Kumbha rashi (Aquarius) October 12222 Rashiphal (Rashifal)

Do not forget to remind about your previous achievements either. This is a favorable time for creating long-term alliances. The year starts on an extremely present not as Venus — Jupiter occupy your sign. May to June is an extremely troublesome period with mental tensions, upsets and also Enemies being active against you. Do marry this year, especially in January, June and August. Sagittarius Moon Sign or Dhanur Rashi. There are about equal parts of negative and positives in your life.

Kumbha Horoscope | Kumbha Rashifal |Kumbha Indian horoscope

Stars limit you in one sphere, but give you complete freedom of thoughts and actions in the other. If it comes down to money or property, ensure safety and protection. Do not plan anything in advance during this time, be prepared to partially change you familiar lifestyle. If you are used to steady life with its orderly regime, you are in for some hard times. You can look forward to better times and less stress compared to last year from February on wards. Other trends will be favorable, money will be well spent on charitable and auspicious causes.

Losses in July, August and December are foreseen. These months shall also be beneficial for travel. Love will blossom and marriage is possible in May. Keep means of transportation and communication ready and handy.

Try to have a more positive attitude to life, enjoy everything new. Year in a short synopsis for you. You must guard your health throughout the year, especially, bones, teeth legs, eyesight in the months of February, June and August. Love affairs transfer in May, June, July on November.

A family secret or domestic chaos can become a source of problems. Do not suffer over recent past as you did all you could. At the same time, stars do not suggest you to push yourself too hard. January, March April, May, June and October to December are full of eventful development in your profession that project you upward into higher trajectory. Troublesome moments in your career are when Mars gets affected with Rahu in October.

This year you can become very popular among others. Special attention to health in February, May and September. If you resist the temptation to get it all and demonstrate composure instead, you will be able to take advantage of a situation. An unexpected turn of events can prove beneficial to you. You may learn a good lesson or establish news contacts, for instance. This should also be the time for business meetings, talks and correspondence. If you have been stressed, dump all your worries in your trash can.

Kumbh Rashi 1 October - Aaj Ka kumbh Rashifal - kumbh Rashifal 1 October 2019 -kumbh bb

You are slated to have one of the most important uneventful used in your life with several enjoyable and unforgettable moments marking the year. Good development on the professional front is seen in February to May, except April, which makes you mentally comfortable. The best moments are reserved for November to December where you are rewarded by financial games. You should be cautious about health in June, October and November. This is a very good period to get married, especially February, June and August.

March, October and November are bad for love affairs.

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Click here to read your Weekly Horoscope for 12 zodiac signs September 22, by Astrologer. Free Newsletter Name. Must breakdown old habit patterns that are no longer usable. Water the seeds of love and co-operation, and "Spirit of Love" attitude towards others. Aquarius rules the calves and ankles of the legs. Aquarius is also concerned with the oxygenation process of the body. Furthermore, Aquarius regulates the rods and cones of the eyes. Aquarius also rules the spinal cord, coordination of muscle, nerves and brain.

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  • Planets afflicted in Aquarius can multiple sclerosis, cause poor circulation, blood disorders and poisoning, lumbar disorders and lower leg cramping. All occupation related to Saturn, Uranus and the eleventh house. It also governs positions which require a friendly personality and skill in meeting the public. If a person is born between 13th to 22nd February, the Sun remains in the 1st Decan of Aquarius ruled by Saturn. This implies a refined sympathetic, and humane disposition. Fate depends upon the nature of friends and acquaintances. He has the ability to read character, and study human nature.

    He must be careful not to let his sympathies over-rule his reason and intuition. If a person is born between 23rd February to 4th March, the Sun remains in the 2nd Decan of Aquarius ruled by Mercury. This modifies the tendency to day-dream, as it makes the mind active and capable of intellectual attainment. It does not, however, provide continuity or concentration.

    Much of the influence will depend on type of occupations one is doing.