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What is it the encyclopaedic value? There are many popular sites and blogs for Astronomy fans. I do not think that there is any reason to give the nickname "Xena" any particular prominence. It is an historical footnote, a private in-joke and from an encyclopedic perspective best forgotten soon. People looking for "Xena" will be redirected to this article, and if they bother to read or search it they will find the relevant note. But the name "Xena" has no particular importance with regard to the object and doesn't need a mention among the basic facts about it.

Im for this also, but perhaps we should retain it for a limited time a week or so? While reading through the article I noticed that the nickname "Gabrielle" is mentioned for the moon Dysnomia in the discovery section. However that fact seems to come out of the blue as there is no mention in the article above that point as to why mentioning the nickname "Gabrielle" is relevant.

It would seem to me that reference to "Gabrielle" at that point should be deleted if the reference to "Xena" at the start of the article is deleted and the name "Gabrielle" only mentioned in the section of the article explaining the "Xena" name Garda40 , 23 September UTC.

Piotr piotrowski astrolog

I came to this article because of its mention on Front Page News. When I read it, I immetiately thought it was of or near FA quality, so I came to the Talk page to find out if it was one.

The objections from the prior nomination appear to have been largely satisfied. After the post-front-page-mention editing frenzy calms down, it should be ready for a final cleanup in preparation for another FA nomination. The graphics do need to be rearranged. By the way, the proposed new name is a better one for an FA yes I voted. If a serious FA effort is made, I would be willing to help with some copy editing and the like I'm not good with graphics, though.

A requirement for FA is the article be stable. With current news and protection of the article, the article is far from stable. True FA articles are under the radar. Electrawn , 15 September UTC. Let's let it get stable again, then seek to have the article relisted. Hopefully I'll be wrong and everything will be peaceful. I think that this image must be removed from the article.

It doesn't give an obvious representation of the distances and it's not to scale for that matter.


Cancer may 2018 horoscope

It only gives you a distorted idea about the solar system, and adds nothing to the already-image-cluttered article. Moreover, it has some copyright issue click on it and maybe deleted. If no one gives a good reason why this should stay, i'm going to remove it.

Orionist , 15 September UTC. There is no way that Eris can be considered part of a belt, so this mention should be removed from the initial paragraph.

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Eris is in an odd, highly inclined orbit that is not similar to any other known object. If the term "Kuiper belt" is used at all, it should be used only to refer to the cubewanos i. In my mind at least, the see also section should contain links which are relevent, but not given a place in the main part of the article. Am I wrong?

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Tuvas , 16 September UTC. I looked at the pictures, and moved them around a bit, and removed one that didn't seem to convey useful info. Do these changes seem alright? I was doing the same thing, i think i may have edited over your changes, we probably made the same moves but :P -- Nbound , 16 September UTC.

I hate to open this can of worms again, but is the mythological picture necessary here? It is in the Eris mythology article, right up front, and the image of the mythological figure doesn't really illustrate anything about the celestial body. As a replacement for that image, is there a nice artist rendering of the Eris Erisian?

The picture of Eris is more relevant in the name section, than a random rendering of the Erisian system -- Nbound , 16 September UTC.

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This is what was present before the cleanup - perhaps it should be restored. If you are gonna use a pic, the one from Dysnomia moon 's info box would be much better -- Nbound. The article seems to fulfill the GA requirements and is looking better than ever, what do you guys think? If we're going to use IPA, then it should be in a form that's internationally viewable. Please format so that the average joe on a public computer with an American, German, Korean, etc.

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Kdammers , 17 September UTC. This recent renaming has solved nothing! Even many of the supporters of this move wanted Pluto and 1 Ceres to conform to it. However, the Pluto page is now move-protected and the editors there seem dead-set against any move at this time. Also, 1 Ceres has not yet been moved. For future reference: If the astronomical adjective meaning "of or related to the dwarf planet Eris" is formed in the same way as that of other astronomical objects with Latin and Greek names, it will be Eridian and not Erisian.

This is because most such astronomical adjectives are formed by adding the suffix -ian to the noun stem, the basic meaning-bearing part of the word which comes before any inflectional endings. In Latin and Greek, it is very often different - sometimes strikingly so - from the nominative singular form which is usually quoted. It can be determined by looking at the genitive singular of the noun declension, which in Latin often ends in -is and in Greek in -os.

Examples are shown below; the noun stem is the part before the dash.

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  • Anyway, that's why I've been using Eridian instead of "Erisian" or something like that; to me, "Erisian" sounds like saying "Marsian" or "Jupiterian". I assumed it was a mistype on the satellite footer as s and d are next to each other, but yeah your way would be correct. Their answer is that they are only responsible for the name of the object, and they do not prescribe adjectival forms: their specialty is astronomy, not linguistics.

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    There is therefore no "official" adjectival formation, and one may do as one pleases; eventually there will be a linguistic consensus based on usage. Of the two astronomers on the Committee that I contacted, one suggested simply using "of Eris" in place of an adjective; the other remarked that there is an adjective " eristic " related to the Greek word eris. Neither of these was presented as an official statement by the committee, but as the views of the individuals concerned.

    As for Wikipedia, I expect it will conform to whatever terms appear in the scientific literature, if and when such terms are used. At present there would seem to be nothing, as the name is only four days old. The name itself is wrong, and both pronunciations are ridiculose. That anyone would say ee-ris shows that one is a deaf and dim shithead—confer the Cockney. Why don't we have the standard minor planet footer on this page i. Since Eris has a minor planet number, it is a minor planet thus we should have the footer. Chaos syndrome , 17 September UTC. I mention and do not add this information to the page because it is still undecided.

    But then again, you're dealing with Discordians. The text in the orbit section states that Eris does not cross the orbit of Neptune. However, the illustration in that section seems to show it crossing Neptunes orbit. Which is correct? Kaldari , 17 September UTC. When Sedna was discovered, it was moving at 1. It the sentance would be more meaningful if this info was added. Parasite , 18 September UTC. I put the Good Article nom. These can be used mid-article to provide links to the correct article titles, without using redirects and saving time writing minor planet numbers in.

    The template can of course be amended if the naming convention changes e. Ryulong has been removing the wikilink to the appropriate section on astronomical naming conventions, claiming, completely without any cogent argument, that such linking is "ridiculous".

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    I have added the link back. I am now asking Ryulong for his direct argument why this link to another article that explains the naming system in use by the IAU and directly relevant to this article, is in some way "ridiculous". Piraten zahnarzt wandsbek. Sammy brue lay me down lyrics. Nikko vaporizr rc auto blauw. Entzundungshemmende medizin. Piotr piotrowski astrolog Samsung s10 review android authority.

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