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Change is always a little uncomfortable when it first comes. However, for us to experience the beautiful morning, we must first encounter the night. This is the year when you should be emerging into the new and wonderful things waiting to enter your life. Embrace new, and embrace strange, because they will bring the greatest experiences. Some things must be finalised for new things to emerge into your path.

Cancer Horoscope October - Monthly Horoscope Cancer

If you are distracted with the old, you will never embrace the new. Your imagination is on fire this yea and the suns energy of the middle year will help you to blossom to your best. You can make things shine where others struggle. Be true to yourself and believe in yourself. From all here at 7th sense Psychic, have a wonderful prosperous , bring your dreams into a reality.

While you are busy helping others to get through the year. For decades, Vincent has used his gifts to help people from all walks of life find clarity, direction and purpose. Now he can help guide you. Considering getting a tarot card reading? We have carefully screened and selected a range of gifted, compassionate tarot readers to provide clarity and new insights into your life.

cancer Horoscope

Unexpected expenses catch you off guard and causes a crisis with your finances. Use the new Moon energy to develop another way of attracting more money. Put your detective skills to work and pin point a void to fill to bring in better cash! Taurus: Freedom in love can be a big deal for you this new Moon. You can be at a point where a decision is needed to continue with what you have in romance, or take a chance for something better. Going it alone and not having any real partnership to claim might also appeal to you. The point is to be free from any hindering emotional ties in or out of love.

Gemini: Don't allow your fears to keep you in a job you don't like!

Your spirit has been quietly revealing matters that should concern you and it's only a matter of time before you react. Take a moment to gather information and do your research. There are a few other hidden details that will surface. Know exactly what you want to do, before you move into action.

Cancer: A new agenda in romance is set around the new Moon. A way to guide your love life in the right direction is something you're determined to do. You're no longer interested in taking advice from friends who really don't know your love requirements. A few adjustments here and there will create a situation that is suitable for your heart.

Leo: Consider purifying your home this new Moon.

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There might be some unsettled or disruptive energies lurching around your dwelling causing spiritual uneasiness. Purge away the negative vibes by burning sage or palo santo to banish away disharmony. Take care of the clutter and allow your space to 'breathe' freely. You'll feel better. Virgo: You'll be tested this entire month to have greater discipline in your conversations. The new Moon inspires you to not jump to conclusions when speaking to others and allow them to express themselves freely. The blessing is that you'll learn more of what is truly on their minds.

Your mental abilities are highly active and listening uncovers important information. Play your position this full Moon. Libra: This new Moon can be good to your wallet. A different opportunity materializes that attracts greater finances your way. People from the past can be instrumental in adding a fresh chance for monetary abundance.

Return all calls. Scorpio: Your head might spin with all the different options in love this new Moon. You have the choice of spending your time in the company of a loved one, or being more independent and setting a few boundaries in your relationship because you need greater space. Commitment issues surface. Your sense of freedom will affect your actions.

Sagittarius: Your mental wellness needs to be taken into consideration this new Moon. Avoid getting involved in any stressful situations around the job. Odd circumstances might heighten the levels of aggravation between you and your coworkers. It's best to keep a low profile and not get too involved with irritable situations.

Capricorn: Don't neglect your social life this new Moon.

You'll have lots of chances to meet and greet new associates which can be a major source of amusement for you. Be careful of lines being crossed…a long time friend can quickly turn into a love relationship. You have lots of other people to meet.


12222 Tarot: The Meaning And Reading Behind Your Tarot Cards

Aquarius: Pace yourself around the new Moon. Avoid being overwhelmed. Deal with one matter at a time…but do be prepared to work hard to get things in order this month. Pisces: You get lots of positive attention around the new Moon. Your charisma is amazing and you'll have nice chances to meet people who are of interest to you.

You get a boost in your self worth.

Step 2: Get an accurate reading

People will go to great lengths to know you better. If you're looking for a new circle of friends the energy of the new Moon is ready to create ways to make it happen. The red bird like figure appears to be unaffected by the burning fire and raises its wings to fly away from danger. This card represents 'rebirth,' or one who escapes the 'flames of destruction' to rise again and have a new chance to start over.

In traditional Tarot, this card is the Ten of Wands. It is interpreted as 'a man struggling with a bundle', suggesting that he has taken on more that he can handle.


The spiritual definition is a man struggling to remove barriers that have held him down. The theme of getting out of, or away from some difficulty is implied here.

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Your 'Course of Action' inspires you to acknowledge a battle or struggle you're. On the 31st, 'mental' planet Mercury goes retrograde. The planet Mercury rules the thought process and the ability to communicate. There is a strong suggestion that the battles you are fighting can be more 'mental'… and that the fight for control is within yourself. The Mercury retrograde will occur in the 'transformational' sign of Scorpio.

Look below to see how the Mercury retrograde might influence your month….